Kitchen hygiene – ways to have a sterile kitchen!

Tidiness in the kitchen is fundamental. Although it might seem that we associate the kitchen with cleanliness, it is the main habitat for faucets in our homes. This is not directly related to a lack of care for cleanliness but more to a friendly environment for bacteria and germs.

The kitchen sink is increasingly being replaced by dishwashers in the modern kitchen, but it still fulfils one of the most important roles of washing dishes and rinsing vegetables and fruit.

The kitchen is a place where cleanliness should accompany every situation. The technology used in BERG and IceBERG brand sinks makes it possible to destroy all bacteria and mould on its surface by 99.9 %. Thanks to the use of such technology, every kitchen user is able to guarantee the cessation of bacterial and fungal growth.

Remember that you can use products to clean the sink and the work area around it:

– for granite and ceramic sinks you can use NANOPURI.

– for steel sinks you can use NANSTILL.

For hygiene in the kitchen, we can additionally use a dishwashing liquid dispenser. BERG has three models in its range which fit in with current shopping trends. By installing a dispenser, we have greater order and harmony at the dishwashing station. The dispenser can be refilled at any time. This is a more economical solution, as each time the dispenser dispenses the right and the same amount of washing-up liquid.

Another element worth taking care of is the disinfection of the faucet. Remember to clean the spout and mixer thoroughly. This has a direct impact on the transmission of bacteria. In the case of kitchen taps, you can also take care of the cleanliness of the aerator. Each aerator can be unscrewed from the spout and cleaned of excessive limescale, which builds up over time.

A final and important element that makes maintaining hygiene in the kitchen possible is waste separation. BERG sinks are equipped with the FLEXLOC siphon, which is easy to install through the use of telescopic mechanisms. The most important point about these overflow and drain systems is that they save up to 40% of the space under the sink cabinet.