BERG Brand

The BERG brand has been on the Polish market for several years. During this time it has already managed to make its presence felt in the minds of consumers. It is the result of many years of experience in the kitchen industry and was born out of passion, knowledge and the belief that the last word has not yet been said about kitchens.

Our mission is to offer products with top-of-the-range quality and design – but at prices in the mid-range and lower. We believe that we have achieved this goal.

We do not want to and cannot compete with products from hypermarkets. We want our products to please customers who are aware of the importance of quality and who are looking for aesthetics and character in their kitchen appliances. We believe that such a kitchen does not have to be the domain of only the wealthiest customers.


BERG cooker hoods are as varied as our customers, both in terms of taste and budget. We know that kitchen hoods have long since ceased to be mere appliances and have become the ‘aesthetic centre’ of the kitchen, able to co-determine its character. It is with this in mind that we design our hoods.


BERG steel and granite sinks are a model of durability and quality. We use the best materials, which is why we can confidently offer a guarantee of up to 10 years.* The full range of BERG sinks currently comprises 18 models in various shapes, sizes and functions. And then there are the finishing versions – various textures and colours.

BERG sinks feature BioCoteĀ® silver ion technology, which provides the products with permanent, built-in protection against bacteria, mould and fungi, including but not limited to E. coli, MRSA and others. BioCoteĀ® is a registered trademark of Biocote Limited, based in England.

* – applies to granite sinks.


BERG kitchen faucets, modern, functional, durable – we give them a 5-year guarantee! With this, we want to set new standards in our price group. Let the facts speak for themselves.