How to care for granite sinks?

The sink should only be cared for and impregnated with products intended for cleaning and care of granite sinks. These preparations protect against discolouration as well as facilitate its cleaning.
It is important to remember that granite sinks are not resistant to strong chemicals, solvents, strongly concentrated acids, dishwasher tablets and any substances that could cause irreversible colour change and deterioration.
Do not place hot dishes or other objects that are heated to a high temperature on the surface of the sink, e.g. a pot taken directly off the burner. Hot dishes will imprint themselves on the surface of the sink and this defect cannot be removed.
Do not use bleach, e.g. chlorine-based bleach, in or near the sink, which may lead to local discolouration.
Long-term residues of tea or other colouring substances on the surface can leave a tarnish that is difficult to remove.
The sink is scratch-resistant despite this, culinary activities such as cutting or throwing in heavy, sharp utensils are not recommended, thus creating surface damage that becomes visible with prolonged use.
At the end of the day, after use, the sink should be washed and wiped dry, with impregnation recommended at least once a month.
If the above-mentioned care instructions for the sink are not followed, no complaint will be accepted.